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This season of making pots has taken on an evolution.  My first plan was to add more facial texture to the monster wares. They just felt too plain.  This added detail slowed the process and in the end I have produced less work.  But the monsters just look better.  Secondly, I started making most of the pots with a different clay body.  Third, I decided to fire the kiln to cone 5 instead of 6.  In that game of inches, we're talking saving some firing time and cost that would be worthwhile over the course of several firings.  This actually led to a couple other things.  I found that some of my glazes seemed to have a little more gloss to them at cone 5.  It also inspired me to resurrect a couple old buckets of glaze that I had left for dead.    The results have been gratifying.

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Anon 85

Anon 85
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Paths in Clay cover

Paths in Clay, a novel

Paths in Clay is a coming-of-age story about Jack, Allan, and Miller; three friends who return to the “palace”, a place where they studied Koh Loh ceramics, an ancient clay tradition passed on from an extinct culture.

When finished with studies, one must depart from the palace and venture out, not returning until they have established a direction or "path" as a clay artist.

Ten years have passed since they left their great Koh Loh Master Potter. Reminiscing about their days as students, Jack, Allan, and Miller embark on their anticipated return to the palace, during a ceremonial kiln firing and celebration - a time when the Master Potter’s former students, their students, friends, and friends of friends all come together to fire their pottery in several wood-fire kilns.

The journey takes them far from their humid tropical region home of the lower peninsula and delivers them to the bitter season of the snowy highlands. When the three men arrive, Jack is face-to-face with his palace-time girlfriend, Kirsten. She informs the three men that their master has grown ill. Amidst a celebration, among old friends, Jack, Allan, and Miller will discover the true nature of their friendships and complete one cycle of their lives and enter the passageway to another. The choices they make will forge ahead a renewed purpose as their roles in clay traditions confirm their paths; passing on Koh Loh clay to the next generations of potters.

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