Last minute Market 2015

I'd like to share a few thoughts on Last Minute Market yesterday.  Thanks to Cleveland handmade shoppers who came out to the new location of the market at The Galleria downtown.  Any worries that vendors had about shopper turnout were squashed within the first hour.  In fact, in my sixth year vending at LMM, it mY have been my busiest first hour.  It was another successful show for Pickled Aliens Pottery.

Thanks to the sellers of  Spell It Out with whom I had someone to chat with during the show!  Another thank you to the guy who asked about the Latin name of my Creature Spoon Rests.  As much as I have documented these mongrols from revealing their personalities, quarks,  favorite dishes, and a family tree, I had not thought about the Latin name that would be  appropriate of their mixed up and mashed up genetics.  This is something I must decipher!

Again thanks Kathy. She organized a great show once more.  Also she discovered that I had not gotten several emails contain show info because like a dummy I provided the handle for my web site instead of my email address.  The difference?  Pickledaliens vs pickledceramics.  Ugh.  So sorry!  Thanks also for the food during the show and overall kindness!

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