Paths in Clay Now an e-book

Seven years ago I fulfilled the goal of publishing a novel.  I am proud to announce that my first published novel, Paths in Clay, has officially arrived as an Amazon Kindle e-book.  For $5.99 it can be downloaded to your Kindle or other Kindle App device such as an iPad, iPhone, Android device or PC.  If you didn't already know, the Kindle App is free to download to your device!   Support Paths in Clay by adding it to your summer reading list!

Visit Amazon below if you need to download the App first:

Paths in Clay Kindle e-book available at:

Summer Reading anyone?

1.  Current National Geographic
2. Joyland by Stephen King
3. Past issues of NGEO
4.  No Return by George Applegate
5.  free e-books about gardening
6.  Where There's Smoke: A Short Story by Jodi Piccoult
7.  The Curious Happenings Of A Boy With A Watering Can by Cedric Magann

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