Tugging The Heart Strings

A few days ago I sat down to check my "CONVOs" on etsy and found a message of the sort that I had not gotten before.  It was from a woman that I will call "T," who had a good friend that recently suffered a loss in her family.  To comfort her friend, "T" wanted to make a purchase in my etsy shop.  People buy flowers and gifts all the time to console grieving friends and family, but for the gifts to be my silly little creations really had a humbling effect on me.  I know the nature of my work is silly and i really would not be able to create without that driving force behind what I make.  In this case I get to make work to bring comfort and cheer to someone who lost someone very special to them.  Below is the message I received.

Good Evening Jaison,

Yesterday evening my friend, "B", spoke of your lovely spoon rest creatures and how she liked them very much. Early this morning, she received news that her grandmother, who was very close to her, died.

I know that I cannot make things "okay" as a loss of the kind is not mended with simple words. However, since she has recently moved into her new home, I would like to help her make it a happy place. Her grandmother always told her to be herself and not let others take away from Brandi's unique style.

To honor her grandmother, and help make my dearest friend feel a bit better, I would like to prepay for her to have a creature family of items (wine stopper, spoon rest, and the like) that she may pick out when she feels ready. I would buy her the creature she wants, but she never told me the name, and did not mark a particular creature as her favorite.

If you create a custom listing I would like to give her a gift certificate for $100 or whatever you feel would get her a small creature tribe to brighten her day.

Thank you for making funky, freaky, and lovable works of art


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Anon 85

Anon 85
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When finished with studies, one must depart from the palace and venture out, not returning until they have established a direction or "path" as a clay artist.

Ten years have passed since they left their great Koh Loh Master Potter. Reminiscing about their days as students, Jack, Allan, and Miller embark on their anticipated return to the palace, during a ceremonial kiln firing and celebration - a time when the Master Potter’s former students, their students, friends, and friends of friends all come together to fire their pottery in several wood-fire kilns.

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