Reaping what has been sown.  A few weeks of greens already have been enjoyed from the vegetable garden while the usual frolicking and weeding around the perennials is in full swing.  Thanks to some transplanted and help in the yard from friends, the gardens are becoming the bustling landscape I have been imagining for the past year.  A single raspberry on June 6th marks the beginning of a first sort of berry season in my yard with red raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.  Unfortunately, the blueberry bushes aren't doing so well.  Anemic fruit and browning leaves were the signals that it was time to move them to another location where the soil won't dry out so much , possibly due to me forgetting to water them.  Hmmm.  Keeping in mind I planted these bushes end summer/early fall last year, I knew the roots weren't too established yet and dug them up and put them in a better location more suited for love and attention than the side of my house that is a weed wasteland in which I have not done any work to date.
A few weeks back my friend Emily moved from her apartment and offered up a you dig, you haul opportunity for me to scavenge her perennial garden for some of my favorites like Russian sage and Shasta daisies.  A total shot in the arm for my flower garden development campaign this spring for sure.
But back to the vegetable beds, which are now three total, I have still been day dreaming about creating a little garden club and veggie exchange with a few friends and neighbors.  Just don't have the prospects for participants.  And then there are those precious, beautiful and sacred volunteers poking up that were just discovered yesterday.  Of course, you know I am talking about the appearance of small tomato plants sprouting from fruit that fell off and rotted last year which are now growing among other crops.  Can't help but transplant them out and give them the chance they have earned.  It will be fun to see which variety they actually are in weeks to come.




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