The snow has come and gone with mild days in between.  Being sick has also come and gone in between spurts of doing work around the house; chipping away at little things I want done to complete rooms from painting to unpainting ( made up word).  Borrowing a heat gun to strip paint off of things can be really fun!  Some friends gave me an old built-in book shelf that probably used to be on one side of a fireplace or doorway.  Covered in a creme white glossy paint, I thought it may have been in a kitchen or dining area.  Whatever the case, my thoughts were that it must have something hidden underneath that deserves to be uncovered and refinished.  Yeah, so I am in the middle of that project when I decide it would be fun to also strip the paint off of some window ledges in the house and stain them to match the hardwood floors.  Being that the furnitureless (another made up word) spare/computer/someday guest room hasn't been worked on and acts as a partial storage and partial crash space for over night visitors and has not been painted, I picked the ledge in there as the guinea pig for this little project.  Just as beautiful of a site as the bubbling,peeling paint from the book shelf offered, four or five layers of paint slipped and scraped away to reveal a hidden gem of a surface.  I'm not sure what type of wood it is, although I know it is not oak or pine.  The wood is on the softer side and its grain resembles Maple.  So onto to the Home Depot to finally buy an electric sander.  I ended up with a Ryobi clamp on sander and it was s a few days later at Lowe's that I grabbed a Minwax WoodFinish oil based stain.  The finish I went with is Colonial Maple 223 as it appeared to be similar to the stain color of the floors.  I have to say it turned out really nice, giving me some confidence in refinishing wood surfaces.  While my floors are in great shape, it appears someone had stained them and immediately put down padding and carpeting which has left a weird texture to the surface.  Hmm, I suppose I may be ready to take it on!

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Anon 85

Anon 85
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Paths in Clay cover

Paths in Clay, a novel

Paths in Clay is a coming-of-age story about Jack, Allan, and Miller; three friends who return to the “palace”, a place where they studied Koh Loh ceramics, an ancient clay tradition passed on from an extinct culture.

When finished with studies, one must depart from the palace and venture out, not returning until they have established a direction or "path" as a clay artist.

Ten years have passed since they left their great Koh Loh Master Potter. Reminiscing about their days as students, Jack, Allan, and Miller embark on their anticipated return to the palace, during a ceremonial kiln firing and celebration - a time when the Master Potter’s former students, their students, friends, and friends of friends all come together to fire their pottery in several wood-fire kilns.

The journey takes them far from their humid tropical region home of the lower peninsula and delivers them to the bitter season of the snowy highlands. When the three men arrive, Jack is face-to-face with his palace-time girlfriend, Kirsten. She informs the three men that their master has grown ill. Amidst a celebration, among old friends, Jack, Allan, and Miller will discover the true nature of their friendships and complete one cycle of their lives and enter the passageway to another. The choices they make will forge ahead a renewed purpose as their roles in clay traditions confirm their paths; passing on Koh Loh clay to the next generations of potters.

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