The studio

It feels good to get in the basement and really pull together the studio now that my kilns are here too.  Organizing the studio/laundry room in my mind for a while I quickly realized the entire set up would have to be strategic considering the washer and dryer, kiln, and pottery wheel would be together, all in the same room.  Eventually I will add some shelving to a wall or two for storing works in progress but for the meantime storage of finished product and craft show props would have to be under the stairs.  The glazing area and space for keeping studio knick-knacks fits well tucked back in a sort of small room separated by a brick wall that has an old wooden workbench (pictured).
So the past few days I have been making new pieces and arranging the space.  The next step is to get my kiln hooked up, sell a smaller one, buy some porcelain, and start the process of making work for sales and fairs in the fall and holiday season.




old dude wine stoppers


monster shooters

Monster Shaving Kit