Snow Days and the Sickness

If it wasn't for what did THEY call it, SNOWMAGEDDON, last year, I would have had to take at least two sick days that week last February the sky opened up and 20 plus inches of snow had fallen.  What an easy talking point between any individuals whether they have something in common or nothing at all.
We were off for four days that week and on Friday had a 2 hour delay which crushed Spring Break and chewed further into June and the beginning of summer.  Cry me a river you think, and you are right, because us teachers have about 10 weeks off once the school year ends.
So here I am on the first snow day called this school year which officially kicks off the winter season, the time of year, especially after January, in which something is more talked about in Pittsburgh than the Steelers.  As many people in the K-12 profession prefer, I wish for 2 hour delays instead.  The obvious reason is that we can pile on those days and not have to make up a single minute.  But that isn't all.  See, during two hour delays we are supposed still arrive at the usual time.  If the weather holds you back, no problem.  Just get in safely.  Often with canceled days, they come after a 2 hour delay was implemented and much of the staff has started their commute, just like today.  And often the conditions are bad to terrible.  The highway was indeed suspect today, with hints of black ice under refrozen slush.  I am thinking you can lose control of your vehicle on that easily.  I took my time, I really did and without too much nerves.  Driving about 45 miles an hour in the slow lane, I reached my exit at about 7:08AM.  Just as I rounded the bend of the exit, on the radio it was announced that the city school had canceled.  I reached for my cell and saw that I had a text message waiting.  Another teacher had sent it to inform that school had been canceled.  Yes, I swore.  After playing the snowy parkway game and without any scare but clear and present risk, I had to turn right around and do it again.  Knowing the commute, I think you prepare yourself enough for one go at it and to have to head right back home to endure the nerves of icy conditions messes with your head.  I talked to co-worker who said he had made it in to just sign in at the office.  In the background I heard the grumblings of others who had driven all the way in just to learn of the cancellation.
Well, what do you do with the day then?  Sometimes you head out to breakfast and laugh with friends like it was an in-service.  Sometimes you go back to home and hop back into bed.  Today I fell alseep on the couch with some morning talk show stuff on then woke to shovel some more and curiously be inspired to bath the Shih Tzu.  Throw in a load of laundry while the time is borrowed.  Then I realized what is really happening, some stir crazy cabin fever that is just beginning.  A couple months of cold and steady snow, lack of proper light for normal brain function, holiday hang over, and being sick for a few days begins the itchiness to do something.  I guess adding a blog entry is the sort of ritual that comes with visiting the bookstore cafe.  Today is a little different.  I actually picked up a couple magazines this time.  Astronomy, Star Wars, Best Friends, Robb Report, and Smithsonian.  I know, who cares.  If you read my blog, all three or four of you, will you tell other people to give it a look too.  Not that I am so important or compelling, but it may be cool to spark some conversation or have someone join and post a comment, even if they want to make fun of me or better yet, tell me off for talking about stupid things.




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