Gingerbread Latte Medium

Since the mocha, latte, frappuchino, trendy craze fad thing spread out of Seattle and infected all corners of our country, bringing wanna-be coffee shop intellectuals and their lap tops out of the woodwork, I have had an issue with this caffeine pretentious psuedo-movement.  And here I am on a cold and wintery day on my netbook, eating a blueberry scone, drinking a latte and checking email as I look for an apartment and also create a blog entry.  Here I am surrounded by people reading magazines, chillin' on their laptops while submitting me to their cutesy ring tones because they don't give a shit that they are in a public place.  There are even a couple nerdy high school kids talking about computer programming, specifically running Firefox on Linux and developing simple computer games.  Who uses Linux, wtf?

So when I came in and ordered the chai latte and was told they were out of chai I glanced at a seasonal poster featuring three festive lattes for the sparkle season, Peppermint Latte, Gingerbread Latte, Sugar and Spice Latte.  I went with the gingerbread one.  So when they called me to get my order there was a little gingerbread man stuck in the top of the mound of frothy whipped cream and a sprinkle of ginger.  I admit I see why people are into these things, they do taste good.  But there he was, just like in the picture, sticking out of the top of the cup, smiling, with arms raised.  I took a few sips, careful not to disturb him, and set up the laptop.  Catching another careful sip in order to not get burned I thought about taking him out and eating him.  So then I sat down, turned and took another sip and realized he was gone.  In fact, I had taken the last sip from where he was, only a little imperfection in the cream remained.  Where did he go?  Had he read my thoughts and jumped out of the cup to make an escape.  I didn't see a trail of whipped cream nor a shattered cookie on the floor.  So I realized his fate was at the bottom of the steamy cup of latte dissolving into cookie mush, adding  little sediment to the sips at the end.  But towards the bottom I see him now, completely whole still, face down.




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