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Today a custodian told me about a curious and head shaking situation involving one of the three in-house copy machines...
Let me begin by saying that the copy machines have their own saga, a sub plot to the goings-on of our universe.  Seems like one copier is always out of toner aside from copy paper getting eaten up pretty fast; all due to the fact that many employees do their large job printing at the last minute instead of sending it to the print shop.  Thank God for the librarian who also serves as our mass email go-to person, as she updates us daily, often hourly, on the status of copy machines and their fading toner cartridges and other injuries.  So anyways, one of the copiers had been repaired recently because paper had been getting jammed between the main body of the machine and the smaller annexed portion that disperses print jobs accordingly.  Our resident technology guy remedied the situation by rigging a cardboard box in between the two copier devices in order to allow the machine to still function.  That was a hilarious cell phone video text message that circulated with an annoying humming noise recorded while you could see each individual sheet of paper slide out and cascade into the box.
If you have been somewhat entertained by what I am talking about because you can relate to this sort of thing at the workplace or you simply recognize the humor in failing technology, that's great but my post has a larger point.  So I pass the custodian in the hallway and jokingly ask him, "Where is my printer?"  He knows I am waiting for a new printer to come so our newspaper can have a cover in color.  Anyway, he proceeds to tell me that one of the copiers is in need of repair and so the resident tech guy calls the service line and is connected to a representative who is actually in Turkey.  He has a conversation with the rep. about the repairs needed on the copier so that a repair person can be contacted, a repair request put in, and then of course the repair person will come to the building to work on the copier.  It turns out, the repairman that is contacted by the rep. in Turkey is in fact is coming from the neighborhood right next to where our building is located.  So this is the time we live in!  This is what being global means?  I suppose there is not much of a carbon footprint factor in this but something doesn't seem right at the same time.  It's funny and mind boggling that the world works this way.

Just to put some sort of visual aid to this, I am providing a link that gives distance and other info between here and there.  I tried to pull it up directly on a few maps such as yahoo! and Google but it wouldn't map three locations involving global locations.
  This link sends you to a saved map with the distance from here to Istanbul calculated.  To make a game out of it, search for Swissvale, PA on the map then Turkey, and then Rankin, PA.,123.75&spn=3.309326,61.523437&z=3&key=ABQIAAAAgUKNJFkU--6olatPI9Ny_BRlDx4xMSM6SG5RrocpfZXobssk5hTDKx20kJM12a70xuxrgcRSVaIiLw&mapclient=jsapi&oi=map_misc&ct=api_logo

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