In the Studio

A couple weeks ago I started a new journal for documenting the pieces that are working for me and all the small details that go into them. Anyone will agree that once you figure out exactly how you want to make something then you just commit it to memory. For me, getting back on the bike, sometimes requires a training wheel to be put back on. So, now I decided to document everything from the amount of clay I use, to glazes, to other troubleshooting notes. It just seems that when I take a break from making a certain object I have to get revved up again before I am making the pieces the same as before. So the latest in the studio are some porcelain herb jars made from 8 to 10 ounces of porcelain each. Using a #14 cork to size up the opening. Will update when I glaze them.

Never cook alone, ever again!

Creature Spoon Rests....these guys hold your cooking utensil for you while your bubbly brews simmer away on the stove top. Legend has it that these mongrols bring good fortune to cooks all across the world as they savor the drippings from your stirring spoon!

Soon to come with a vintage recipe card!

see them in my etsy shop, pickledaliens.

Still some summer left...

so make a terrarium!

I started making these little ecosystems a year ago and have some nicely established moss in the ones that I have kept. The rest were sold on etsy.

Caring for Your Terrarium Alien Eco
Rinse charcoal and place in jar first. Add gravel as the next layer. Carefully arrange moss and plants inside jar. Add ceramic figure and water.
Display your terrarium in a window, on a porch or patio where bright but indirect sunlight will reach it. You can keep the terrarium outdoors until freezing temperatures arrive in your area.
You may want to initially add a few ounces of water to your terrarium if it seems dry. Water lightly! Mist the terrarium with a spray bottle to add water. It is vital to keep the lid on your terrarium in order to sustain a humid environment for your plants.
Notes: Moss has a shallow root system that does not penetrate deep into the soil. Moss grows slowly so do not expect to see anything happening over night. Remember you often find it growing on rocks and trees. Moss thrives in low-nutrient environments! Warning: The more sun that directly hits the terrarium the hotter it will become inside. Essentially it is a mini greenhouse where plant life is sustained in a controlled environment.


Ceramic Work

PickledAliens: Sculptural Housewares not of this world! Made from brown clay and inlaid porcelain, creature spoon rests each have their own story and favorite recipes, guaranteed to bring good fortune to your cooking adventures.

PickledPorcelain: My functional pottery is made with porcelain and wheel-thrown into simple forms. Using an old printing press stamp I add humorous words and phrases to the surface of these pieces. Added vintage decals tell the tale of sexy pin-up girls, guns, and the men who cannot resist them.




old dude wine stoppers


monster shooters

Monster Shaving Kit